Have you ever wanted to start listening to a podcast, but didn’t know which direction to go in? Lately, it seems as if podcasts about real thoughts, business, teaching, and learning are on the rise. We know there’s a lot out there which is why at JJI we’ve put together a collective list based around the most interesting inspirational and business-related podcasts that you should definitely give a listen to.

StartUp Podcast

If you’ve always been interested in creating a startup but you lack the business background you think you need to get it going, StartUp Podcast is for you. You have the ability to start the podcast right from the beginning or you have the freedom to start listening right from the newest. Whatever method you prefer, you are bound to pick up a few tips and even go on to become a startup success story. Give Startup Podcast a listen whether you have absolutely no idea how to start or you are fairly new and you need to a bit more direction to go in.


Nerdist offers listeners a nerdy twist on pop culture, rather than the raw, seriousness it is often seen through every day. Through each podcast, you’ll get to listen to a different featured celebrity. Pop culture influencers on past Nerdist podcasts include Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Diablo Cody, Bill Nye, and everybody’s favorite member of the Fashion Police, the late Joan Rivers.


TED is a nonprofit that is devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. Through TEDTalks, you’ll be inspired and intrigued. Mostly all of their podcasts feature some of the world’s leading thinkers, doers, and influencers speaking right from the stage at TED conferences, TEDx events, and other events they partner in together around the world. Each TEDTalks podcasts differs, so expect to get a new lesson and learn from new ideas each time you listen.

Ted Radio Hour

Similar to the TEDTalks, TED Radio Hour focuses more on ideas, rather than event speakers. Through these hour-long podcasts you’ll go through a journey of astonishing inventions, fresh approaches to old issues you may have been harboring, and innovative ways to think and create. Past podcast segments include discussions of Maslow’s Human Needs, predicting the future, and transformation.

 Grammar Girl

We have apps, we have books, we have all sorts of tools that help to improve our writing. But have you ever come across an actual podcast that helps you with that? Grammar Girl provides you with short tips to improve your writing. It doesn’t matter if English is your first or second language, the Grammar Girl’s grammar, punctuation, style, and business tips will really change how you write.

 Trends Like These – Brand new podcast rounding up the trends of the week every Thursday

Want all of the week’s trends in one simple place? The Trends Like These podcast may be for you. Each Monday and Thursday, listen to Travis McElroy and Brent Black as they go through the week’s biggest trending topics.

 Geek Life

Everybody totally “geeks” out about at least one thing in their life. It could be food, music, the latest tech, a movie, photography, or travel, Geek Life has something for the ultimate geek in you. Airing close to two times a week, Geek Life is a lifestyle podcast that encourages all of its listeners to embrace their inner geek and become on with that geek.

 NPR Pop Life

NPR Pop Life is focused round pop culture, except each podcast has a bit of a news twist to it. Mainly called Pop Culture Happy Hour, it is a weekly chat about books, movies, music, television, comics, and anything else that may strike the nerves of the speakers and listeners alike.

 How Stuff Works

Have you ever been interested in how things work, but reading about it could never really teach you what you wanted to know? The podcast, How stuff Works offers an inside look on exactly that, how stuff works, but in this instance, you will get it from a tech point of view.

 This Week in Tech

Every Sunday at midnight, Pacific time, the podcast: This Week in Tech is released. Each podcast features a roundtable like discussion on the latest trends in tech you’ll see during that week. Listening to new innovations in technology and what the masses find popular in tech will probably be more intriguing than just reading about it.

 Sometimes, you may get more out of listening to a podcast. Unlike reading, television, or radio where solely music is played, you’ll get raw emotions, unedited discussions, and you’ll get to connect in a way with other like-minded individuals. Plus, you can use it to catch up with the world while on the treadmill at the gym. Wherever you decide to take a listen — be sure to tweet us or chat with us in the comments!

— Christina (@christinaEroman)