From a senior to an incoming freshman, welcome to college. It will be the easiest and hardest years of your life. What you think maybe in store, may not be exactly what you think it is. A huge tip that you might not know for college? Take all of the shortcuts or help you can! Here’s a few apps that you should have before your first class begins!


Study Buddy

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This app promises to improve your study habits. It will keep track of your distractions, as long as you’re completely honest with it. So at the end of your study session it gives you personal feedback on when you get more distracted and by what. You can then use this feedback to become more efficient so you can better manage your time. Download Study Buddy for free through the iTunes App Store in time for upcoming semester.


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What is college without rejoicing that you found a textbook that’s under $100 in your school’s bookstore?! I’ve yet to encounter such a book, that’s where Chegg comes in. This app allows you to save the not-so-small fortune you would’ve spent at the bookstore. You can rent textbooks or access the electronic versions when they are available. Ready to start buying your books at a better price? Get the Chegg app for free through the iTunes App Store or Google Play!



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There will come that time, before you’ve found your first college job, when your bank accounts will really take a hurting; it’s usually around the second week of classes. Hopefully, you’re parents will take mercy on you and send you a few dollars to tie you over. If you’ve travelled a few miles away from home for college, Venmo will get that money to you in a few seconds, so open up the App Store or Google Play and get to downloading this game-changing app.


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You’re a college student now, and your shiny new school email allows you to try out amazon prime for free for 6 months! That means everything on prime will be at your doorstep in 2 days for free. As one who’s turned down the perfect pair of jeans before having Prime because I couldn’t justify a $10.00 shipping fee, amazon prime saved my life and now they do groceries. Take it from me, and use Amazon Prime any time you can!

Your school’s app

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If your school has an app then chances are they’ve stuffed it full of helpful information you will need to get around and survive on campus. Most school apps include a map of the campus buildings, campus dining menus, and usually a link to your school’s official student portal. Along with your school’s app on the first day of classes you’ll probably hear about blackboard, it’s where your professors are gonna list your grades and send announcements to your class, but also where they expect you to upload all those essays. It’ll be good to have it on your phone to quickly check grades or check the room number on a lecture.

College is not easy but it can be a bit easier with these essential apps. The real troopers are the ones who went through college before these apps were around.