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We all have our favorite memories of the Super Bowl Halftime show… Be it last year’s collab between Bruno Mars and The Red Hot Chili peppers, which reportedly attracted 115.3 million viewers world wide and definitely blew the roof off Metlife Stadium, Beyonce’s 2013 show-stopping performance that has accumulated 11 million+ YouTube views, Prince’s Billboard-Chart-topping show

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Are you feeling a little out of it this morning? If you’re slightly confused this morning and can’t seem to figure out why, you might just be “sleep drunk.” The proper term is “confusional arousal,” which often happens after an uneasy night’s sleep. This can lead from anything as big as being completely unresponsive to

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In efforts to conserve water that many have been arguing the#ALSIceBucketChallenge is wasting, Matt Damon decided to dump toilet water on his head instead: Damon founded in 2009 in efforts to bring cleaner water to areas that cannot receive it readily. Cheers, Kali

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If you think that stick-on-tats are for little kids, they’re not! Flash tattoos are quickly becoming a new accessory to add to your style. If you’re that person who is always losing your jewelry left and right, these might be the best solution for you! According to FlashTat, the temporary tattoo can last up to six

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New York City is a hotbed of fashionistas. Some of the world’s best-dressed ladies romp around the streets of Manhattan every day, always on the hunt for what’s new and, way more importantly, what’s next. NYC’s fashion philosophy: why wear the trend that everyone else is loving when you can be among the first to

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