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This past Thursday, June 18th, we kicked off Summer with a special night for Ray-Ban hosted by the Limelight Shops in Chelsea. Some of New York City’s most stylish fashion influencers came out to celebrate and shop Summer’s trendiest shades. The classic Wayfarer and newer styles, like Ray-Ban’s mirrored aviator lenses were a big hit

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Image via iTunes           Have you ever wanted that adorable top you see on a stranger walking down the street? Or love that jacket style on your co-worker but know you can’t afford that one? Well, shoppers, get ready to change your view on retail. With just a tap of a finger, Style Thief

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  Even though we have had all year to prepare, it seems like Father’s Day sneaks up without us even noticing! It can be a little tricky to think of special ways to celebrate. No worries! We’ve planned a great Father’s Day weekend for you! Check out what’s on this weekend’s itinerary for Father’s Day

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  Snapchat has become one of the hottest social apps in the past year and has over 100 million users. It is the app most go to for sending unattractive selfies and skin flicks or recording clips of memorable adventures and events. Snapchat stories can even become figments of a vivid imagination as some people

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Are you starting to get the feeling that anywhere you go, you hear about a new advancement in tech? Whether it is the latest iPhone, sound system, or one of the most recent phenomenons, the virtual wallet, it seems as if the times are quickly changing. For those who experienced the once monumental introduction to

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