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Some people name drop, but we date drop. We’ve probably invaded your social feed every day with the date September 14th and you may be wondering exactly what it means. It is a Monday, but it’s a Monday during our favorite time of the year: #NYFW. Rather than spending any downtime in a crowded Starbucks

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Have you ever wanted to start listening to a podcast, but didn’t know which direction to go in? Lately, it seems as if podcasts about real thoughts, business, teaching, and learning are on the rise. We know there’s a lot out there which is why at JJI we’ve put together a collective list based around

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From a senior to an incoming freshman, welcome to college. It will be the easiest and hardest years of your life. What you think maybe in store, may not be exactly what you think it is. A huge tip that you might not know for college? Take all of the shortcuts or help you can!

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Your favorite alternative to sugary energy drinks loaded with calories that claim to be full of electrolytes, and the world’s first hydration vitamin, the Brode Electrolyte Vitamin, has recently launched a campaign that has some major benefits. Brode is set on doing more than just changing how and why you take vitamins. The vitamin that

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New to LinkedIn? Getting bored with your current profile? Don’t know how to use it to your advantage? If any apply, good news are not alone. Although we haven’t found the single best LinkedIn user or profile, we have certainly found a few. Forbes, Business Insider, USA Today, and many more have given their

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