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Imagine a world where your favorite online game can be fully injected into your actual reality; imagine sitting in your living room while literally assembling your virtual city throughout the room, city on the couch, apartment building on the coffee table and all. What if while doing this you could also check the weather and

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We’re 4 weeks into 2015 and we’ve already got more cool gadgets than we can handle. For years, scientists have been promising technology that will make doing a lot of the mundane things we do every day a thing of the past. Two notable robots that are hoping to hit the market at the tail

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In the social media era, we are on a constant deadline.  For journalists news is always breaking, inboxes are always flooded and stories are always being fought for. In order for your pitch to stand out in this constant world of noise, it needs to, well… Personalize: One of the best ways to get a

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For all of you Super Bowl commercial fanatics, who just can’t wait for this year’s ads to grace every TV screen in America, NBC has a surprise for you. On February 1st, NBC will be launching their own page with Tumblr to stream the ads right after they air, a.k.a. immediate playback opportunities. In addition

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The sunset. A book cover. Piano keys. Graffiti. Literally anything you see. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can turn into nail art, and one prime example of these unlimited options is now being brought to you by the one and only:  NailSnaps. NailSnaps turns anyone with a smartphone into a

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