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Good news tech-lovers! From avoiding the hassle of buying stamps and poor penmanship, to faster communication and efficient delivery, email has officially been proven to be the go-to source for message delivery, and recent stats have proved that it’s completely taking over. Why this might come as a surprise to some? Because of new technology,

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In case you haven’t noticed, it’s warm outside! You’re missing out on the great weather if you stay cooped up indoors and don’t enjoy it. You still have one solid month of hot weather to enjoy before the light-jackets and pants come out, so take advantage! If you haven’t had the chance to get away,

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So, you’re taking a selfie in front of some popular tourist site and when you’re looking over it later on at the hotel, you find that someone you do not know is in your background making a silly face. Photobombed. We’re sure these girls got the surprise of their life when an unexpected individual was pictured in

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Books carry stories from real to imaginary places. They captivate us through language and pictures that take us away from the daily grind, and take us on a ride through a character’s journey. But from libraries to bookstores, do we ever really look up from a book and look at the place that they are

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Kim Kardashian has been in the public eye with her family for quite some time. If you’re not watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians or listening to her extravaganzas with Kanye West on E!, it might be because you’re either avoiding her completely or distracted by her new game. I’ve played Kim Kardashian: Hollywood a little more times

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