During #NYFW, we found a few things that we realized we couldn’t get through the week without. With this month’s app roundup, we bring you the apps we realized we can’t go without.

Donde Fashion


Shop right from your smartphone and take advantage of daily sales with Donde Fashion. Find exactly what you want, when you want it. The app will take any ideas you have and present you with a database of any and every selection you might’ve had in mind. Purchase your dream wardrobe in seconds or put it on your wish list and wait for everything to go on sale. Ready to shop for the closet collection you’ve been waiting for? Download it on the App Store now- hurry, the sales are calling!

Boomerang NYC


You’re a super busy New Yorker who orders in every night after work and has the time to Netflix-binge, but not time to do your laundry. It’s ok- Boomerang NYC gets it. Just download the app for free on the App Store and bam, an on-demand laundry service right at your fingertips. The Boomerang crew will pick up your items to be laundered in their super cool tricycle (still envious of that) and don’t worry about having to trudge out to pick it up, they’ll deliver your laundry right back to you. Unlike most laundromats in NYC, Boomerang runs on your schedule…and budget. Open from early morning to late night, seven days a week, the app ensures they’ll beat a brick-and-mortar’s price. Put the excuses to rest, Boomerang is on their way.


ip.bitcointalkImage via Bitcoin Talk

Nobody wants to carry around a clunky walkie-talkie when they’re trying to run an event. Plus, with smartphones these days, what they can double into is amazing. The norm is to use them as cameras, mini t.v.s, radios, mp3’s, oh and as actual phones. But did you ever think to use them as a walkie-talkie? Luckily, Zello did. Available for free download on the App Store, Google Play, Microsoft, Blackberry, and even your PC, the push-to-talk app is what the PR world never knew they needed. Create multiple channels, give yourself a creative alias (or go with your own name,) and watch your events become a breeze.


hootsuite-black-logoImage via Twitter Tools Book

Live-tweeting is just a whole lot easier with the Hootsuite app! Connect all of your accounts to one single app and let your social media maven self run free. On the go? Schedule tweets right from your smartphone or tablet- it’s that easy. Connect with fellow tweeters beyond Twitter. Hootsuite makes it easy for you to find your mentions, keep track of who favorited your tweets, and makes it easy to upload pictures, attach your location, and tag others. The App Store and Google Play have just what you need get started. Just remember: don’t go #hashtag crazy on everyone.

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