Your favorite alternative to sugary energy drinks loaded with calories that claim to be full of electrolytes, and the world’s first hydration vitamin, the Brode Electrolyte Vitamin, has recently launched a campaign that has some major benefits.

Brode is set on doing more than just changing how and why you take vitamins. The vitamin that prevents dehydration, that you can take any where, anytime, with any drink (yes, even a beer,) is encouraging all of it’s users to help others, while helping themselves. Founder of Brode, Marc Brodeur, has insight on community and startups, which has allowed this campaign to come to fruition. Through creating the #BrodeBenefits campaign, he was able to see the bigger picture for some of his passions: charity and small business.

For every time somebody hashtags #BrodeBenefits on Instagram and Twitter, Brode will donate $1 to Kiva, a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people together through lending to alleviate the burden of poverty. By sharing the hashtag, you are empowering somebody else to empower themselves with financial support, in turn, supporting small entrepreneurs worldwide.

All it takes is a quick action to make a difference. Before you hit the gym, grab a drink (or two), or get on your flight, snap a pic of your Brode and include the hashtag; continue to help somebody else, by helping yourself.