While I know it’s been a minute since my last post here, there’s a reason for the silence. I’ve downsized our “agency team” and parted ways with our retainer clients. Why? Well, a lot happened in 2015. Some of you knew what was going on quietly behind the curtain, but to the majority of the those looking from the outside it may have seemed like I’ve tossed in the towel. Personally, I was dealing with my mother going through Cancer and watching my sister suffer from the disease of addiction. Russell Brandt was right when we wrote, “you await the phone call. There will be a phone call.” Sadly, I received that phone call on August 15th last year. No amount of therapy could possibly prepare me for that moment. Suddenly running a small business of organized chaos seemed insignificant.

While I can’t rationalize if my sister’s tragic ending was preventable or not, I can take from it that raw feeling that overcomes you– feeling angst, sadness and relief all at once. I funneled those emotions to help bring me clarity in how I need to move forward. As I’ve learned, life has an expiration date, and you shouldn’t spend it being completely stressed. I’ve taken from this to put forth a worth ethic that makes me happy and not finding wins and achievements for others. I’m more confident to have been able to come to terms with my new direction, and to have embraced the exciting uncertainty of the future.

Sometimes, you just need to make a pivot and move forward with the strength and courage that landed you where you started in the first place.

I’m happy to share that my mother is on the road to remission from her Cancer with another clean scan that she received this past Friday. My sister was a straight-A, full scholarship, Dean’s List overachiever who simply lost her way to which no one can relate to but her. I now accept that there is nothing more my family and I could have done, as it’s now irrelevant. We just love her for the person she was and all the amazing moments we had together.

Maybe this is an over-share, but we all have our shi*t we go through and for me it’s a way of expressing that I’m simply human.

The past few months I’ve taken some time off to refocus on what projects made sense to pursue. I like a beginning, middle and an end; creating an experience that subliminally is brand evangelized among your curated community. It brings me much enthusiasm to share I’ve put my focus on building out the TechStyle NYC Experience into a series of 5 events shared during NYFW, SXSW, a Summer build-out and LAFW. I’ve also teamed up with Sabina Hitchen to put together a two-day weekend workshop (Feb. 27th and Feb. 28th) that allows product based businesses access to our rolodex of Rockstar editors, producers, influencers and experts all in a live intimate setting. For everyone who always wanted to sit down and “pick our brains” well here’s your chance.

Looking forward to hearing from you and allowing me this honest reflection. I think we owe it to ourselves to be more genuine and humble with each other.

– JJ